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Do you believe that you’ve got the passion, voice and intellect to be a radio presenter – music or talk radio?

If you’re serious about exploring the path, progress and possibilities towards your dream, the ‘Wise World of Radio’ can coach you accordingly.

Our CEO, Peter Wise, would enjoy providing you with the necessary tools.

Peter has been profesionaly active in radio [show hosting, programming, advertising sales and station management for over 35 years -from Campus radio [1979] to commercial radio with Capital Radio, Algoa fm, 94.7 Highveld Stereo, SA fm, Radio 2000 Sport, Classic fm, Mix fm and nowadays with the legendary LM Radio.

The wonderful world of the ‘wireless’ is the true ‘theatre of the mind’ medium.

Many aspirant Dj’s/presenters, believe it is a career that brings instant fame and fortune, that will last forever.

The truth is that radio is a tough & demanding 24/7 focus, innovation, commitment & understanding that you are only as good as your last on-air show; news/sport/traffic bulletin.

At the ‘Wise World of Radio’ we offer a variety of one-on-one coaching and advancement courses [4 or 8 weeks X 2-hours each] in Randburg, Johannesburg:

  • Radio Show presentation [music & talk ]
  • News / Sport /Magazine /Specialised features content compilation and presentation


For more info contact us on 076 130 6390 or email